To create a great digital marketing campaign a business should understand the importance of customer personas. Understanding customer personas will help your business understand the exact needs and wants of your target customers.

Introduction To Customer Personas
Customer personas are a group of people having similar interests who want to achieve a similar goal. Understanding customer personas helps a brand in creating very powerful marketing material for the people who are most likely to buy your product or service.

What Is Included In Customer Personas?
Google says that there are 3 main pillars of customer personas.

  1. Who – Imagine a person in your mind to understand this pillar better, Now think of his name, age, location, education, hobbies, and interest
  2. Goals – What is the desired result your customer wants to achieve? There could be multiple goals of a customer based upon their lifestyle and needs so you need to link your product or service accordingly
  3. Barrier – What are the main pain points of the customer? In simple words, we need to understand why your customer is facing issues. Either is it because of the product or the service or the lack of availability?

Knowing your customers
Knowing your customer starts with research and collecting data. The right way to do so is by conducting interviews with your existing customers and prospects. Ask them who they are, where they are located, what is their educational background and what are their goals and targets.
Research doesn’t stop at just interviewing people but we can have questionnaires filled by random people. We can also look into the behaviors of similar people who are acting the same way.
Once you collect the golden data the next important step is to organize the data by compiling reports of people representing somehow similar interests or goals. Compiling data will help us understand the trends going on in the market.

Customer Persona Example
Here is an example of how you can organize your data to find similar interests and trends in the market. We are using an example of a clothing business that wants to sell its products.

By looking at this table we conclude that those people who are mostly business owners tend to buy quality products regardless of the price being charged. Whereas, those people who are doing jobs tend to buy products which can cost as low as possible.
Now the brand can easily identify who they need to target at first or whether they need to run multiple campaigns so they can target each class.

Why Customer Persona Makes A Difference

Customer personas are based on the research and information you have collected from your existing customers, potential clients, and prospects. Hence, you have a better way of looking at their needs and wants. Once we start understanding the requirements and pain points of our customers we can devise our marketing and client serving strategies most effectively and efficiently.
Customer personas help you build a strong and long-term relationship with your clients. Your research will enable you to connect with your customers so they can be empathized with and served as they expect.

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