Charcoal’s PR Marketing Success with HYM Global


Charcoal, a dynamic brand seeking to enhance brand awareness and boost sales, approached HYM Global for a strategic PR marketing campaign. The objective was to establish a strong brand presence in the market and drive increased sales for their products.

Project Description

HYM Global crafted a comprehensive PR marketing strategy for Charcoal, encompassing a multi-channel approach to reach the target audience effectively. The campaign focused on leveraging media relations, influencer collaborations, and strategic content distribution to amplify Charcoal’s brand messaging.

Why HYM Global

Charcoal chose HYM Global due to our proven track record in devising and executing successful digital marketing campaigns. Our team’s expertise in PR marketing, combined with a deep understanding of the client’s industry, made us the ideal partner for Charcoal’s goals.

The Challenge

The digital marketing landscape posed challenges, including fierce competition and a need for differentiation. Charcoal faced the task of standing out in a crowded market and conveying their unique value proposition to the target audience.

The Timeline

The campaign was executed over a strategic timeline, with specific milestones and deliverables. HYM Global ensured a well-coordinated and timely implementation of each aspect of the PR marketing strategy.


Increased Brand Awareness

Through targeted media placements and influencer collaborations, Charcoal experienced a significant boost in brand visibility.

Sales Uplift

The strategic approach to PR marketing resulted in a notable increase in sales, showcasing a direct impact on the bottom line.

Positive Media Coverage

Charcoal garnered positive media coverage, enhancing the brand’s reputation and positioning it as an industry leader.

Engagement Metrics

Social media engagement and online interactions saw a considerable surge, indicating a successful connection with the target audience.

In collaboration with HYM Global, Charcoal successfully navigated the challenges of the digital landscape, achieving enhanced brand awareness and increased sales. The PR marketing campaign not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, solidifying Charcoal’s position in the market.

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