“Digital Marketing Has Always Been A Two-way Communication – You Get To Know Your Consumers & Your Consumers Get To Know You Better”

The distinction between then, and now has generally been innovation. But with the passage of Covid, the thing that matters is presently like never before. With everything moving carefully, the web is at its prime and individuals are making the most out of it.

Consumers don’t need to wait in line or on hold anymore. The instant communication enabled by digital marketing allows B2B and B2C trading at the snip of a finger. And we are there to make it happen.

Our Team

Yasir Tariq

Yasir Tariq

Founder & CEO

“Success can only be measured with persistency because the world makes sure you keep on failing and you have to make sure you keep getting back up.”

Momina Azhar

Momina Azhar

Founder & Marketing Expert

“Creativity is an expression. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.”


Our Values

“Sin Qua Non” – The without which not.


At no point in our career lives have we ever thought that we know enough. That is the downfall of many. With constantly changing and evolving times, it is essential we keep our knowledge growing and expanding. 

This way, we get to provide our clients with the best and the latest.


Experience can be a tricky thing if you let it get to you. While experience teaches you the things you need to avoid, it does not mean that what worked for one client, will work for the other as well. 

At some point, human nature starts categorizing similar things into one category, however as a marketer, that could be a dangerous thing to do. We at HYM, make it our duty to understand that each client is unique and different. This allows us to hear them out without any filters and enables us to cater them better. 


Digital Marketing may be the need-of-the-hour, but a Marketer knows that there is no one hour. The need is for the hour to be consistent, that is how to keep the word traveling. 

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