Here we share some prime behavioral marketing examples. HYM Global has done extensive research on the correlation between Marketing and Behavioral Science. The question is, is marketing science?

Marketing And Behavioral Science

It is no secret that Marketers rely on behavioral science when it comes to marketing. In fact, it is one of the most stressed subjects when it comes to teaching marketing. And while you may have already been taught about this, there are some tactics that you have probably been a victim of.

Psychological Marketing

You may have seen these words in supermarkets, retail brands, restaurants and etc. They seem simple and straightforward, but that is usually not the intention. While it may just be that simple and straightforward but in most cases, the product is likely to be restocked in an hour, or the delivery of the product got delayed or any other reason other than it being ‘Sold Out.

Why this example out of all behavioral marketing examples is so widely used and effective even on the internet is because rather than using words like ‘Out-of-stock’ that give room for assumptions that question the business’s operations. When consumers read the words ‘Sold Out’ on a product on the website, they think of the product’s popularity and how well it is doing if it got sold out.


Lateral Thinking

When we buy shampoo from a specific brand, chances are we will buy a conditioner from the same brand. Why? Because we are made to think that it will be more effective if done this way. The brand does not tell us this, instead, it makes us think that by using the packaging as the shampoo bottle, and using the same words on the conditioner’s bottle. Chances are the formula is exactly the same as the rest of the conditioners on that shelf. But that does not stop marketing and behavioral science from influencing our decision.

Just the same, what digital marketers do is, choose the visuals that create a vibe. A common example of this is online clothing brands. You will see, that H&M and Zara showcase different products in one picture. You may think you are just clicking on a picture of a shirt that you want to buy. But turns out, the pants, the bag, the accessories, all of them come from the same brand. And very conveniently, they will have the rest of the products listed below for you to “Get the complete look”.


Subconscious Marketing

This tactic is often deployed by government organizations and institutions that want to introduce a change in the people and don’t want no for an answer. The ideology: make something so available and accessible that it becomes a common practice for people. It has been widely studied and Kees Keizer’s study is one of the most popular ones on the subject.

For example, when the government of the UK realized that they needed to decrease the omission of pollution coming from vehicles and encourage people to buy electric cars, they issued green number plates for electric cars. This way, it was easier to spot them and it was something similar to receiving a gold star for being a star student. And we all love to be star students.

A more relatable example would be this. When a consumer goes to a posh restaurant, with squeaky clean floors and a well-maintained interior. Never once would that consumers consider throwing the food wrappings on the floor. However, if that same consumer goes into McDonald’s or other frequently-used restaurants, where the furniture is a bit old and there are remains of food on the floor from previous consumers, the consumer will not have much hesitation in adding to the litter in that restaurant.

This is one of the top behavioral marketing examples because of how proficient and discreet it is. It does not announce or request directly to the consumer. Instead, it plays with their mind subconsciously. In the digital world, marketers use social media ads and promotions to create brand awareness. You will scroll through or skip an ad once, twice maybe even thrice. But the marketers know very well, that there will come a time when that brand will become a part of your subconscious, therefore, a success.

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