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Consideration is the second stage of the marketing funnel where a marketer tries to increase the interest of a potential customer and moves it closer to the purchase stage. Though there are some similar strategies in the awareness and consideration stages yet there is a difference in tactics.

When implementing consideration tactics our main goal is to enhance our customers’ experience and make them attracted to our products or services. Below are some major tactics that we implement to provide more in-depth and persuasive knowledge. Also, we will consider all the practical examples of each tactic.

Unique Selling Preposition

A customer is aware of the product and the brand. Now it’s time to tell our potential customers about the unique selling proposition of our products and services. USP is telling your customers about how your product is different than others and what benefits they offer. By explaining USPs to a customer by remarketing ads we tend to move a customer from the awareness stage to a purchasing stage by increasing our customers’ interest more and more.


Testimonials are the feedback of our existing customers about our products and services. Presenting testimonials creates a sense of empathy for new visitors. Visitors can correlate themselves by reading feedback from others. We should implement a great user experience for our existing customers so they can leave their feedback or ratings. This alone increases 20-30% of a brand’s overall sales.

It is recommended that video feedback from a client works much better than written feedback as it can add more expressions and emotions to the overall experience.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are the advertisement we run over the potential customers who have already visited our product/services page on the website or any other social media account but have not decided to purchase. Let’s consider an example of this scenario.

Company ABC is selling laptops online. They have 5 thousand followers on social media platforms and around 500 existing customers. They are running ads to increase their online sales but facing some conversion issues like they are getting visitors but they are not purchasing. Now the company ABC will retarget all those visitors who have either added products to the cart or have visited the products page. We will run product ads that they have visited on our web page but this time on Instagram and Facebook so a customer can see the product on multiple channels and finally decides to purchase it.

Keep in mind our content for remarketing ads is also different and personalized as per the need of a customer.

Case Studies

Case studies are the perfect example of representing your work. Let’s consider the above case where a company is selling online laptops. The type of case studies they can add to their websites are like how one of their customers reached out to them with very different demands and how they cater to it and make the whole deal work.

The case studies should also highlight the pain points of the customer and the tactics being implemented to counter those challenges. Plus, how much benefit a customer got after the successful delivery of that project.

These type of case studies needs to be visible on the website so you are leaving no efforts behind to satisfy your customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is done when we try to engage a customer in a very personalized way. We want to make our customers feel that we care for you and we know about you. We are specifically writing you to make you satisfied and do whatever it takes to bring you on board.

For example, the company ABC selling online laptops sends an email right after a visitor adds a product to their cart and leaves the page due to any reason. Maybe, it’s a small doubt they have in mind or maybe it’s the pricing they are concerned about.

In our email campaign, we always try to offer additional discounts so all those who are reluctant to purchase the products make their decision right away. We can also add more interesting links in our email marketing campaign like testimonials so a potential customer can make a decision quickly.

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